Full Dentures

What are Full Dentures?

 Full denture is when all the natural teeth are missing. It is fitted to replace the upper teeth, lower teeth or both.

Full dentures do more than just allow you to chew; they play a vital role to the look and shape of your face. Patients often pass along information from family members regarding the overall effect of a new full denture.

At McLean Dental Group, we are ready to fabricate your full dentures.

What are Dentures made of?

Typically, the bulk of your denture will be made from acrylic.

Like all things, there are different kinds. Our labs only use the highest grade of acrylic available. Also important is how the acrylic is set; we heat cure all our appliances, including small partials.

Strength and durability are a must. This type of material does not commonly react to the tissues in the mouth, stain easily or warp over time if treated with care.

Be aware that an ill-fitting denture that has been dropped can still break. Due to the locality and open hours, there is no reason not to stop in and have it quickly adjusted at McLean Dental Group to avoid a repair.

What stages does a full denture have?

Your full dentures will be completed over a number of stages. The amount of time and visits may vary from those you have done in the past or of family members and friends who have had the same work done.

Every case is unique, but generally, a denture is made with the following stages;

1 . An initial impression

2. A secondary impression

3. A bite registration

4. A try-in

5. Final insert

6. Follow up

Stock tray; used to make the first impression of your mouth.

Custom or special tray; moulded to the shape of your mouth for a close fit.
This is filled with material and we take the impression and second time.

Next, we need to know where your teeth will be touching. We use wax to take indent marks.
We may ask you to repeat this a few times!

Try-in - the teeth are set in wax to match the marks made in the bite blocks.
This is a chance to ensure they are in the right place & are the colour you want.

Once approved, we can replace the wax with acrylic and polish.

Finally, small adjustments will need to be made as you become adjusted to your new dentures!

How long does it take?

If you have a timeframe, e.g a wedding or an overseas trip, allow plenty of time before starting your denture - at least 2 months.

The actual fabrication can take anywhere from 4 week - 6 weeks, and some of the stages above may need to be repeated.

It is also important to come back and get adjustments made after the denture is inserted.

How much does it cost?

If you are interested in full dentures, come and see us at McLean Dental Group in Kuluin and we can discuss your options!