Denture Repairs

Over time, this is inevitable.

Even the best-fitting, well made denture can have things go wrong over time - it makes sense, your denture cannot adapt to your mouth as it changes.

Weight loss, some medications and additional tooth loss all lead to denture repairs, additions or relines.


For Acrylics, this is generally fast and affordable.

Whether your denture is snapped in half or a tooth has become damaged, these are one of the easiest dentures to repair.

It is likely you will need an impression unless it is a clean break with no missing pieces.

If you have a chrome framework, this may require an additional laser cast and weld. This takes some days and usually costs a bit more.

Valplast can be relined, added to or teeth replaced.
Consider John Willshire Dental for denture repairs.


If you had teeth removed when your new denture was inserted, you will need a reline within a few weeks.

This is where an impression is taken to show the technician how much your mouth has changed. 

Acrylic is then added to fill the space, and your denture is ready to go again.

This is a regular and standard procedure, and can be completed fast and easily.

Consider John Willshire Dental for denture repairs.


As time goes on, you may need additional teeth added to your denture.

If your denture is made entirely of acrylic, this can be done in a day or two.

If your denture has a chrome framework, then you may need some additional metal work - it all depends on how the framework was made in the first place.

Valplast can have teeth added to in most, but not all cases.

Consider John Willshire Dental for denture repairs.

Do not add Glue to your denture!

Do not try to adjust your own clasps!

Do not polish your denture!